Bottling at The Rai Bottling Company is made easy as we can supply all or part of your material and bulk wine needs, depending on your bottling specifications.
  • Glass – A full range of local and imported bottle types
  • Cartons – A range of plain cartons in both 6 x 750ml and 12 x 750ml
  • Dividers – Cardboard 160mm and 275mm tall
  • Capsules – We can supply plain or printed Screw Caps from a range of approved suppliers
  • Cartons – We offer printed or plain cartons Printed cartons are made to order and take approx. 2 weeks
  • Labels – Art work and labels can be supplied to your specifications.


We perform extensive QC checks both on receival and the line during the bottling and packaging process for every shift.
  • Extensive sterilisation and sanitation processes and microbiological verifications.
  • Filterability testing.
  • Dissolved oxygen, alcohol, sulphur, PH and TA
  • Screw cap torque testing
  • Average fill volume checks
  • Vacuity (headspace) measurement
  • Label gap and height checks
  • Total inspection against work order

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Tel: +61 428 749 285